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UFSC 2012 Annual International Summit for Financial Professionals

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June 28-30, 2012  Charlotte, North Carolina.

Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) invites you to our 38th Annual International Summit for Financial Professionals that will take place June 28-30, 2012, in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the premiere financial services organization for over thirty-seven years, UFSC has stood for professional and academic excellence and leadership in the business community throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

Over the years, UFSC has invested a large extent of its time and resources in the professional development of its members and associates through various local programs and summits. We are certain that our annual summit will be as inspiring and rewarding as our previous annual events. The summit includes outstanding speakers, informative workshops and award presentations.

This year’s annual summit is designed to guide and equip financial professionals with the resources to chart their way through the ever-developing financial services industry and volatile economy. By being well-informed advocates of economic change, the financial professional will be able to utilize the knowledge they receive for their personal advancement and that of their customer/client.

The schedule includes Professional and Economic Development Seminars, High School and College Undergraduate Apprentice Challenge Programs, CEO Symposium Luncheon, Town Hall Meeting, Oratorical Contest, Community Empowerment Day and Diversity Career Expo. For this year’s Town Hall Meeting, we are partnering with Ryan Mack, contributor for CNN, President of The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment and author
of “Living in the Village”.

The summit will also include an awards reception to recognize outstanding members, chapter and community leaders for their dedication to UFSC and its mission.

Please consider this invitation to join us in Charlotte, North Carolina, June
28-30, 2012.

Urban Financial Services Coalition
partners with Ryan Mack for a Town Hall Meeting
during the 38th Annual International Summit in
Charlotte, North Carolina

President of Optimum Capital Management, Ryan Mack can be regularly viewed on television networks such as GMTV, CNBC, CNN, Thomson Reuters, and BET discussing economic/social issues that impact American citizens.  Ryan has also authored his book “Living in the Village”; has been profiled in Tavis Smiley’s Covenant and Action (a New York Times Bestseller);
co-authored a book with Kevin Powell entitled “The Black Male Handbook”; featured in Black Enterprise, African American Family, The Source & NV Magazine; contributes regularly to, The Network Journal, Fortune, and Black Enterprise; received the Top 40 Ander 40 Achievement Award from The Network Journal; as inducted by Medgar vers College (where he currently serves as a board member)
into its national honor society PI TA KAPPA as an honorary member;  and received Tom Joyner’s “Hardest Working financial Advisor Award” because of his efforts to empower the community with the crucial life skills of financial literacy.  Whether he is counseling a group of doctors at a convention or in Rikers Island providing a free course Ryan Mack’s comprehensive, exciting approach to teaching economic empowerment to all income levels has generated a level of much needed interest in a volatile economy.

As a renowned public speaker he has provided keynote presentations to
organizations across the country such as Harvard University, Columbia
University, Princeton University, NAACP, National Association of Real Estate
Brokers, Housing Preservation and Development, National Urban League, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Black MBA Association and many others, Microsoft Corporation, HSBC, KPMG, Johnson and Johnson, Six Flags, and Deutsche Bank.  With a strong sense of philanthropy he flew to South Africa to teach economic empowerment principles to those in need and has partnered with his District Attorney’s office to teach financial literacy to previously incarcerated community residents with the aim of lowering recidivism rates.


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