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Richmond Chapter

by on March 3, 2020

Richmond Chapter

The Richmond Chapter of Urban Financial Services Coalition is a non-profit organization of minority professionals in the financial services industry and related fields. Chartered in June 1990, the organization provides educational, technical and advisory assistance to the Richmond Metropolitan community; professional development for its members; and scholarships for local minority students pursuing degrees for disciplines within the financial services industry.

Board of Directors

Roderick Hayes, President

Norma Lee, Vice President


—– Advisory Board —–

Richmond Viginia

UFSC Richmond Chapter, Inc.

PO Box 28346 Henrico, Virginia 23228

The goals of the Richmond Chapter are:

Bring together minority professionals in the financial services and other related industries for the mutual exchange of experiences and ideas resulting in career promotion and professional development


Provide educational and technical assistance for minorities involved in the industry and surrounding communities


Educate and inform minority youth about the range of employment opportunities available in the financial services and related fields


Provide advisory assistance to surrounding minority communities


Financial Services, Financial Planning, Investment Planning, Financial Literacy, Professional Development, Mentorship, Scholarship Opportunities


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