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Lisa Rowe-Higginbottom

by on September 7, 2017

AVP, Business Initiatives Consultant, Wells Fargo
Richmond, Virginia Area

In my current role as a Business Initiatives Consultant, I provide strategy, direction and leadership to ensure successful implementation planning, solution preparation, delivery to the field and measurement of initiatives that are the most highly complex and strategic in nature and impact the entire enterprise.


Previous Employers


Education:   Virginia Commonwealth University


Additional qualifications include:

  • 10+ years of change management experience
  • 15+ years of leadership or management experience
  • Knowledge and understanding of project management and implementation in a matrix managed environment
  • Experience communicating and presenting complex information to multiple levels of the organization
  • Knowledge and understanding of consumer products, policies and procedures
  • Ability to present reports to and interact with senior leaders
  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Experience developing, implementing and monitoring a risk-based compliance program to assure compliance with federal, state, agency, legal and regulatory requirements or providing oversight to a compliance function
  • Knowledge and understanding of regulatory compliance requirements
  • Ability to manage team members in multiple locations
  • 4+ years of participating in large enterprise-wide projects
  • 4+ years of business systems or process analysis
  • Skilled status report generation, tracking, identification/resolutions of issues and risks.
  • Results oriented with ability to motivate teams and resources to accomplish objectives
  • Willingness and flexibility to assist with initiative assignments that may span outside of typical job duties.

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