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“The rewards of partnership / sponsorship are great”


UFSC sponsors include individuals and businesses across a wide range of disciplines within the financial services industry.  But more importantly, they are like-minded in their desire to achieve the mission and vision of UFSC.  Whether banks, savings and loans, investment firms, insurance, mortgage, credit card, payment system services, small business owners, or other non-profit organizations, they are unified in their purpose to improve minority communities, career professionals and youth opportunities.

As a UFSC Sponsor, you can:

  • Support the Dodd-Frank Act, Section 342, by offering specific initiatives supporting minority professionals and consumers
  • Gain access to over 9,000 professionals to market your products and generate business
  • Hire top talent via the UFSC Job Board and expose your organization through professional development workshops and webinars
  • Offer scholarships and mentorship opportunities for youth pursuing careers in the financial services industry