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“Membership has its privileges”

UFSC members have an entrepreneurial perspective and are resources for many opportunities in the financial services industry.

If you are looking for an organization that will help you to shape the financial services industry, showcase your talents, uncover your next career move, keep informed on current industry topics and issues, develop your job skills, or participate in mentor / mentee relationships, look no further.

It is crucial that we continue to stand as a viable resource to minority professionals in the financial services industry. However, we need your involvement, experience and expertise to make it happen. Please consider joining or rejoining our organization and getting involved, so we can make a difference in our corporations and our community.

Benefits to UFSC membership include access to:

  • The UFSC National Website with a variety of tools and resources
  • Nationwide Job Bank
  • Training classes, seminars and conferences offered by UFSC and its partners
  • Unlimited interaction with a broad array of senior executives in the financial services industry
  • Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  • Interaction with numerous corporations, executives, entrepreneurs and public officials
  • Community service opportunities in various local markets
  • Leadership and career advancement through professional development. networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Networking with other financial professionals from a wide variety of careers and management levels (among a varied member-base and sponsor constituents)
  • Business development opportunities to enhance your career
  • Participation in community outreach and educational initiatives as an advocate for under-served communities


All UFSC members will receive:

  • An official UFSC logo lapel pin to be worn during UFSC events


Student Membership 

Participants will:

  • Get assistance in obtaining scholarships, internship and job opportunities.
  • Set meaningful goals and follow through with them.
  • Get more organized by improving their planning and time-management skills.
  • Make work relationships more productive through “win-win” thinking.
  • Improve their listening and communication skills.
  • Solve problems creatively and deal with conflict productively.
  • Adopt a “continuous improvement mindset” and improve their student/work/life balance.
  • Learn the necessary skills to interact within a team.
  • Develop new professional relationship within their peers and with professionals in the financial services industry.