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MARK I Emerging Leaders e-Mentoring Program

UFSC Youth Leadership Development

The MARK I Emerging Leaders Program is recruiting 22 mentors to empower the future members of the financial service industry, the class of 2011 MARK I Emerging Leaders. As a mentor you will be asked to:

  • Engage in a professional e-Mentoring relationship with a MARK I participant.
  • Provide relevant education and professional development information.
  • Facilitate summer internships in relevant professional development experiences.
  • Provide formative direction towards a career in the financial services industry.

MARK I is training students from across the United States that need the counsel and advocacy of current financial service industry executives. Once a quarter, mentors and mentees will discuss relevant education and career objectives. The intent is to empower, encourage and motive them to success.

UFSC MARK I Mentor Program

The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) established the MARK I Emerging Leaders Program to empower students in business planning, entrepreneurship and leadership. The financial services industry is a sector where these skills are welcome and the MARK I experience is providing the gateway.

This year, the MARK I Program has been expanded to include connecting the participants with financial service industry professionals who will serve as mentors following the conference. MARK I participants will be empowered with mentoring from a UFSC member who has a vested interest in their career success. Mentors and Mentees commit to maintaining a relationship for at least one year in a way that encourages, informs and motivates the participant’s success.

This mentoring (e-Mentoring) will be facilitated through the available technology of phones, email and Skype. The intent of this relationship is much more professional than personal. Education strategy, scholarships, internship opportunities and ultimately career development in the financial services sector are the intended outcomes.  Each relationship will commit to a minimum of quarterly communication but include regular notices of interest including appropriate articles and industry information that enhances the eventual outcome.

Consider making the commitment to be a MARK I Mentor and empower a young person towards success. Be that unique role model and resource guide for a young person interested in a financial services career. Your mentoring will help them make good choices informed by your life experience and unique vantage point inside the industry. There will be a mutual expectation to maintain the relationship and in a year’s time report back on a powerful new relationship that is literally expanding the trajectory of a young person’s life.

Be a MARK I Mentor!  It’s amazing what you get when you give.

If you would like to participate in this life changing experience, contact Michele Burton at or (248) 910-2047 to get connected with a student. There is a brief application you will need to complete and orientation session that will be held on Thursday evening at the UFSC conference.

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