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Incarceration and Re-Entry -Impact on Urban Economics

Urban Impact

The Urban Financial Services Coalition DMV Interest Group invites you to its June 2019 General Body Meeting featuring Adrian Richardson, Founder, J.U.M.P. on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 6:30 pm. Mr. Richardson will share his insights on “Incarceration and Re-Entry: The Impact on Urban Economics”.

Urban Impact

The meeting will take place at the M&T Bank Commercial Office, Suite 500, 1350 I (eye) Street, Washington, DC 20005.

Professionals can come out and network with other financial professionals while having a thoughtful conversation about youth and urban economics.

Special Call for Donations: With your support, UFSC wants to help J.U.M.P. eliminate humiliation, promote learning and offer hope by donating personal care products – “Giving the Basics”. When we embrace “Giving the Basics” we embrace human dignity for all people. “Giving the Basics” provides the necessities of life, not covered by government assistance programs, most people take for granted such as laundry soap, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper and other personal hygiene products.

Attendees are invited to bring the following hygiene products (Full and Travel Size): Body Soap; Shampoo; Dental Floss, Deodorant, Hairbrushes, Laundry Soap, Lotion, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Toilet Paper, and Tissue.

Speaker Bio: ​Just Understanding My Priorities (J.U.M.P.) was founded by Adrian Richardson, a graphic designer, web developer, entrepreneur, and native Washingtonian. While observing the challenges that young men in this area face while transitioning into manhood and combining his professional talents, Adrian created J.U.M.P. as a weekly dual functioning program featuring graphic design, media production, and life skills development and training. This passion soon expanded to working with females and the families of the participants in the program.

The graphic design and entrepreneur training is designed to teach an employable skill set that will assist participants in becoming graphic designers, print or electronic media communication specialists, and entrepreneurs in a setting that fits their strengths. Equally as important, if not more critical, is the life skills discipline which assists young men and women in developing their personal autonomy and self-esteem, relationship building, critical thinking, money management, nutrition, hygiene and health management, and conflict resolution. Sessions are also offered on interview and resume preparedness.

Registration is free but you must RSVP to gain access to the building.


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