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Donate items to “Bigger Dreams, Bolder Future” campaign

UFSC Dream Bigger

UFSC Dream Bigger
Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) seeking donated items that could be used in our national raffle for the “Bigger Dreams, Bolder Future” fundraising campaign. This campaign will help us fund scholarships and internships for students in the MARK I Leadership Program and Collegiate Oratorical Competition.

Every year, we host a youth program called the MARK I Leadership Program in which young adults gain leadership skills, networking skills, business development, and involvement in community service. In addition, we host the Collegiate Oratorical Competition in which young adults get an opportunity to showcase their oratorical and presentation skills.

UFSC 2016 - MARK ISee the attached video to see what we do with the young people at:

We are looking for the type of items that can be used as prizes in the national raffle. The items that helped us raise the most money last year were a 7 Day Timeshare Rental, iPhone Smart Watch and Premium Tickets to a Brooklyn Nets Game. Other items that could potentially be used may include: national restaurant gift cards, store gift cards, laptops, movie passes, amusement park passes, and more.

We are hoping to receive these items as soon as possible by 5:00 pm on Friday, August 17th, 2018. We are depending on you to help us make the “Bigger Dreams, Bolder ​Future” campaign a success. Thank you for your effort in advance and I wish the best of luck to all of you.


To donate your items, please contact:

Ditu Kasuyi at 804-651-7739 or by email at