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UFSC Central Maryland, Inc.

PO Box 395

Baltimore, Maryland 21203

Delores Blake

UFSC Charlotte

PO Box 33033

Charlotte, North Carolina 28233-3033

UFSC Detroit

PO Box 2455

Detroit, Michigan 48226
Phone 313-618-9265

UFSC Greater Kansas City

P.O. Box 414194

Kansas City, Missouri 64141-4194

Joell Dickerson

UFSC Los Angeles

PO Box 8538

Los Angeles, California 90008

UFSC Puget Sound

3518 Fremont Avenue N #350

Seattle, WA 98103

Michael W. Gartrell, Jr.

UFSC Richmond

10625 Ridgerun Road

Chesterfield, VA 23832

UFSC San Francisco Bay Area

182 Howard St. #731

San Francisco, CA 94105

UFSC St. Louis

PO Box 771005

St. Louis, MO 63177

Roderick Hayes

UFSC Nebraska

PO Box 11450

Omaha, Nebraska 68111

Karnetta Rushing


We also have several Interest Groups throughout the country who have aligned with UFSC and strive to ultimately become a local chapter. If you are located in an area where there is not an existing chapter, reach out to the appropriate Regional Vice President on the Leadership Team to get contact information for any of these related organizations.