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Career Opportunity – Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

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UFSC is pleased to share the opportunity below with you.

Director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

AGENCY: Consumer Finance Protection Bureau


OPPORTUNITY: Director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion CN-0301-8A

SALARYRANGE: $160,000 – $235,000 per year


OPENS: November 07, 2011

CLOSES: December 06, 2011, 5:30 PM eastern standard time

HOW TO APPLY: Send application package and cover letter to and also email resume to Robert Wolfson at


Consumer Finance Protection Bureau was established in July 2010 as part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation. CFPB absorbed missions formerly assigned to multiple financial regulatory agencies including the Federal Reserve, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. CFPB is delegated authority to write and enforce standards on such consumer financial products as mortgages, credit cards, payday loans, and related consumer financial products. This position is established in compliance with Section 342 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

The incumbent will serve as the Director of the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI), for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In this capacity, the incumbent will provide executive direction, recommend policies and oversee all matters of CFPB relating to diversity in management, employment and business activities.


One (1) Vacancy – Full Time Permanent Position


The incumbent will advise the CFPB Director on the impact of Section 342 of the Dodd-Frank Act and the Bureau’s policies/regulations relating to minority-owned and women-owned businesses. The incumbent will also work to develop and implement standards and procedures to ensure fair inclusion and utilization in the activities of the Bureau at all levels, including procurement and all other types of contracts. More specifically, the Director will:

  • Work to increase participation of minority-owned and women-owned businesses in the programs and contracts of the CFPB. This will include the development of standards for coordinating technical assistance to such businesses
  • Develop standards for assessing the diversity policies and practices of entities regulated by the CFPB.
  • Advise the Director on the impact of the policies and regulations of the agency on minority-owned and women-owned businesses.
  • Submit to Congress an annual report regarding the action taken by the CFPB and the Office.
  • Take affirmative steps to seek diversity in the workforce of CFPB at all levels in a manner consistent with applicable law. This will include advising CFPB personnel and management on a broad range of external and internal EEO matters; recommending changes in policies/practices to eliminate barriers to inclusion; and developing strategies/support to accomplish goals and objectives.


Your resume and any other submitted documentation must establish that you possess – senior-level management and technical experience

Technical and Senior Level Management Qualifications:

Applicants must have expert knowledge of and comprehensive experience in successfully increasing diversity in employment and business activities; increasing participation of minority-owned and women owned businesses in organizational programs and contracts, and/or assessing the diversity practices of regulated entities. Examples of qualifying experience include planning, developing, managing, and executing effective diversity outreach programs; developing, managing, and implementing policies and procedures that led to greater participation by minority/women-owned businesses in an organization’s contracts and programs; creating and executing policies and programs to assess diversity practices of regulated entities; or similarly complex diversity-related background and experience.

The highest qualified candidates must also provide written evidence of specific experience in the following areas:

  • Providing organizational leadership, establishing an organizational vision and implementing that vision in a continuously changing environment.
  • Developing networks and broad alliances and collaborating across both internal and external boundaries, stakeholders, and positions to build strategic relationships and achieve overall goals.
  • Executive or recognized entrepreneurial background in one or more of the following areas:
  • Successfully increasing diversity in employment and business activities of a large company, agency, university or other organization;
  • Successfully increasing diversity in participation by minority-owned and women-owned businesses in the programs and contracts of one or more companies, agencies, universities, or other organizations;
  • Successfully developing and implementing programs and policies designed to assess the diversity practices of regulated entities
  • A combination of advanced education and experience that reflect broad scope knowledge of effective business, management, outreach, and diversity/inclusion principles and practices.


Your application (resume and other submitted documentation) will be evaluated based on the quality and extent of your total education, accomplishments and experience as they relate to the qualifications and criteria described above. Salary will be determined based on an objective assessment of the applicant qualifications and experiences.


If selected for this position, you will:

  • Before entering on duty, you will be required to complete a Public Financial Disclosure Report, SF-278, in accordance with the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.
  • Complete a Declaration for Federal employment to determine your suitability for Federal employment.
  • If you are a male applicant born after December 31, 1959, certify that you have registered with the Selective Service System or are exempt from doing so.
  • Have your salary sent to a financial institution of your choice by Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • Go through a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) process.
  • Successfully complete a background investigation.


Application packages must be received no later than 5:30 p.m. eastern time on December 6, 2011.

Interested candidates should submit an application package and, if desired, a cover letter to: Please put the announcement number followed by your last name in the subject line of your transmittal (ex. 2012-002E – Doe).

If you are a veteran, include a copy of your Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty, DD-214 (Member 4 copy), or other official documentation from a branch of the Armed Forces or the Department of Veterans Affairs showing dates of service and type of discharge.


We offer a workplace that is respectful, fair and values diversity. Our comprehensive benefits package is very generous – helping you to reach your personal goals by supporting your professional growth, health, well-being, and your family needs. Our benefits package includes:

  • Challenging work, opportunities for advancement, competitive salaries, and awards;
  • Ten paid holidays;
  • Ability to accrue up to 26 days of vacation time and 13 days of sick leave each year;
  • Access to insurance programs that may be continued after you retire;
  • A wide choice of health insurance plans coverage for pre-existing conditions, and no waiting periods. We pay up to 75% of your health insurance premium;
  • Flexible spending accounts for health care and dependent care;
  • Flexible work schedules and telework;
  • Access to health and fitness program.


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