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UFSC Annual Summit 2016

Excerpt from UFSC Annual Summit 2016

Roderick Hayes

Roderick Hayes – UFSC President

On behalf of the Urban Financial Services Coalition’s Board of Directors, I welcome you to Washington, DC and our 42nd Annual Summit & African American Professionals Briefing.

Over its history, the Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) has undergone tough economic conditions and changes in its demographics, name, leadership and organizational structure.  I believe that the 2007-2008 financial crisis had the greatest impact and caused some to question our organizational relevance and survival.

Today, I’m proud to say that we did survive.  Although smaller in number, we are more efficient, reliant on our internal experts and resources and a better partner in our respective communities.  Indeed, we are relevant and more than ever before, aligned with our mission to be the pre-eminent financial services organization that provides professional development programs, supports educational advancement and promotes economic empowerment for its members and communities.  Any new initiatives undertaken mirror industry conditions.

Our agenda addresses topics that are critically important to the personal and professional lives of our present and future members, their employers and our partners.  Please attend and fully-engage in the sessions and luncheons that will be led by top government and industry leaders; get information you need to know; and meet at least one person you don’t know and with whom you can possibly develop a lasting business and personal relationship.

When you return home, share the information learned with your managers, peers, community leaders and family members relative to how it can make a positive difference at work, home and community.  Let’s make our event theme a reality to ensure the continuity and relevance of UFSC for many years to come.


Roderick D. Hayes National President

2016 Annual Summit Meeting Booklet