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Black Economics Matter… Robert Shoffner

Black Economic Outlook

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“Black Economics Matter…What Can the Urban Financial Services Coalition Do to Have Greater Impact on this Topic?”

Robert ShoffnerThe Urban Financial Services Coalition’s (UFSC) mission, in part, is to improve the financial condition of ethnically and culturally diverse communities through economic development initiatives.  These initiatives are critical to the vitality and growth of African American and low-to-moderate income communities.

Studies have revealed that African American consumers spend only 3 percent of their $1.1 Trillion capacity with businesses in their own communities.  The other 97% is spent with non-African American businesses.  This spending pattern results in the loss of jobs, education and business opportunities for the African American community.  The tragic events we see played out daily in the media, in many ways, are associated outcomes. 

Please join us as we discuss strategies to better connect and engage with each other as consumers, entrepreneurs and businesses to harness the power of the $1.1 Trillion mentioned above to strengthen and maintain the African American community.  Mr. Robert Shoffner, Director of San Mateo County California Small Business Development Center and UFSC National President Emeritus will be our featured webinar speaker. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 12:00PM EST


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