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News Flash – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Effective immediately Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) is suspending all public engagements due to public health concerns as a gesture to help mitigate additional risk to others, until further notice. Our members, partners and friends are the reason we exist. Your safety and health is and will always remain our top priority. We have Chapters all across America; I am requesting you to follow the governing responsibilities of your respective cities. Be safe; continue to practice excellent hand washing techniques and social distancing. Blessings to all!

Ola Truelove, UFSC President

What is Needed Right Now: Leadership Superheroes

Leadership Superhero

When I was a little girl, I was told that as long as I graduated from high school and did not get pregnant, I would be a good girl and the world would be wonderful for me. I listened to my mother and grandmother. I did not get pregnant and I graduated from high school midterm, so you know they thought I was a superstar. They never finished high school, and college was never discussed because they did not believe they had the means to send me. As a child, I made up my own mind to be a superstar, and I dreamt of being a superhero. When the superhero hears that some natural disaster is going to destroy the earth, or some villains are causing injustice to society or promoting inequality, they swoop in and use their superpowers to save all of humanity. You know the story. It is not enough, and nor is it real.

Uncomfortable times, disasters, tragedies and villains are not just in story books and movies, they are a real part of life. The COVID-19 pandemic is real and challenging human skill and will, today.  Racism and Fascism are real. Inequalities in police practices and the broader criminal justice system in the United States are real. The wealth gap between races is real and widening. The killing of black men and women is also real.

George Floyd and Ahmad Aubrey’s recent killings incited millions of people across the nation, of all colors, ages, and races, to take to the streets, internet, and social media and raise their voices in protest and legitimate concern about the injustice and inequality in this country towards black and brown people. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The majority of the people involved in the protests have been responsible, inspiring and peaceful. Unfortunately, some expressed their frustration in an unproductive manner by looting, rioting, and endangering the lives of innocent people.

If this were a story book or movie,it would be the moment that the superhero shows up and uses their superpowers to save all of humanity by eliminating the bad people perpetuating social evils. Our happy ending would be the eradication of the coronavirus and healing for those fighting it, the end of racism and injustice, and real liberty that leaves us with unity and hope for a new day.

But this is real life and your favorite story book or movie superhero is not going to show up and magically save America. Fortunately, you and I can be the superheroes who make a real change in this moment.

Leveling Up the Playing Field

“Connecting Minorities and Employers: One Job, One Resume at a Time”

Leveling Up the Playing Field Initiative

With your assistance, the UFSC Job Bank will list open financial services industry positions at various corporations, organizations and institutions across the country. Companies and institutions will be able to reach highly qualified minority professionals for their open financial services positions and get top candidates in the door.

Leveling Up the Playing Field Initiative intentions are three-fold:

  • Increase UFSC members’ and minority professionals’ awareness of job opportunities in the financial services industry;
  • Encourage UFSC members and minority professionals in the financial services industry to engage two of their colleagues in Leveling Up the Playing Field Initiative and posting their resume; and
  • Increase the awareness of hiring managers and recruiters of minority financial professionals in the financial services industry.

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Economic Empowerment

BEAM  –  Financial Fitness

Improving the financial condition of our ethnically and culturally diverse communities through financial literacy/education programs, home ownership, entrepreneurship, advanced wealth building workshops and local economic development initiatives

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Professional Development

Annual Summit  –   Speakers Bureau

Supporting the exchange of experiences, ideas and interests in order to promote career and professional development including a premier job bank of experienced minority professionals and commensurate career opportunities

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Educational Advancement

MARK 1  – Oratorical Competition

Delivering a wide variety of programs to assist minority youth pursuing careers in financial services, such as (1) educational, technical and advisory assistance where needed (2) scholarship programs for undergraduate/graduate studies and (3) mentorship and internship opportunities for college students and newly hired professionals

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Latest News

Young People in Today’s Struggle

Young People in Today’s Struggle


Urban Financial Services Coalition invites you to a special session entitled “The Voice of Young People in Today Struggle for Equality and Equity” featuring the following graduates of the MARK I Leadership Program:  Aleece Evans – 2020 Graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University Executive Master’s Program; Michael Franklin – 60th Howard University Student Government Association Executive... read more

COVID-19 Relief Series

Funding Development Opportunities


UFSC National organization is hosting the COVID-19 Relief Series to keep members and Communities of Color informed of the economic impact of COVID-19 and programs created to support individuals, businesses and communities during this time of uncertainty. This session is entitled “Funding Development Opportunities in the Midst of COVID-19”. The speaker for the session is... read more

Atlanta Skyline from Buckhead

National Leadership Training Forum for Minorities in Banking


SAVE THE DATE! National Leadership Training Forum for Minorities in Banking Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) is proud to continue its partnership with the Federal Reserve System. This event date is tentative; original date postponed due to COVID-19. The UFSC’s National Leadership Training and Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Banking Forum for minorities in banking... read more

DMV UFSC Interest Group

Advancing Black Pathways Program


Urban Financial Services Coalition invites you to a special session featuring Sekou Kaalund, JP Morgan Chase Managing Director and Head of Advancing Black Pathways, Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 6:30 pm, est.  Mr. Kaalund will give an overview of the Advancing Black Pathways Program and how it is expanding economic opportunity for black people.  Making the... read more

PPP Loan

You Got the PPP Loan! – Now What?


UFSC National organization is hosting the COVID-19 Relief Series to keep members and Communities of Color informed of the economic impact of COVID-19 and programs created to support individuals, businesses and communities during this time of uncertainty. This session is entitled“You Got the PPP Loan! – Now What?”.The speakers for the session are Kamila McDonnough,... read more

Wealth Generation

The Age of $elf Reliance


UFSC invites you to a Teleseminar featuring Jason Matthews, President and CEO of Matthews Financial & Insurance Solutions, Member of the Million Dollar Roundtable and author of the book “The Age of $elf Reliance” on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 9:00 am PDT/12 noon PDT.  Mr. Matthews will discuss the following points: A- What is the... read more

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Ola Truelove - UFSC President

The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) is pleased to announce that Ola Truelove of Kansas City, MO has been elected as its National President.  Presently, Ola serves as Vice President and Business Solutions Relationship Manager with Central Bank of the Midwest, a Lee’s Summit, MO-based, FDIC-insured bank. Central Bank of the Midwest is an affiliate of Central Bancompany, a $13.4 billion holding company founded in 1902 and based in Jefferson City, MO.  Prior to joining Central Bank 5 years ago, Ola worked at U.S. Bank for 20 years and at Commerce Bank for 18 years.  Ola’s career in the financial services industry includes management positions in the areas of Transit/Check Operations, Lockbox and Treasury Management Sales.  

Ola has served on the board of directors of UFSC-Greater Kansas City for 21 years and played an integral part in developing the chapter’s infrastructure and its strong community presence.  While employed at U.S. Bank, Ola served as President of the Kansas City Association for Financial Professionals, was a member of the bank’s “Million Dollar Club”, a recipient of its Five Star Award for her community support of UFSC, recipient of the Friends of Yates Inc.’s Women of Distinction Award and recognized by INROADS at the national level as Business Supervisor of the Year and Outstanding Member of the Year. 

As have her predecessors in recent years, Ola has witnessed and been personally impacted by the challenges to the financial services industry caused by struggling economic conditions and mergers, acquisitions and workforce reductions.  Because leading an organization facing such challenges is a tall order, Ola realizes the importance of being strategic about how UFSC generates funding; serves as a resource for its members and their employers with attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce; and holding its leaders accountable for their performance individually and collectively. “Achieving UFSC’s mission requires productivity and teamwork at all levels of the organization, especially at the top”, states Ola.  Leading our organization goes far beyond names on letterhead and titles on resumes. Although attractive, those are miniscule components to achieving our mission to be a pre-eminent financial services organization”.